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Fine hand-made precision Kaleidoscopes ready to ship to you by the artist. Indiana, USA, and exotic hardwoods, best quality FS mirror. Original designs. Pay thru Paypal or directly to Jerry, the artist. Satisfaction with my work is important to me. This is my 32nd year as a wood artist. Thanks so much to the Disney folks for the mentions in the "Wondertime Magazine" and the Disney web site. In case you did not know, my Marble Block Kaleidoscope (lower left) was a "WE LOVE THIS TOY" winner. And yes, I have some in stock thanks to advance notice.
The World's Best Back Scratcher
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One of a kind and larger Kaleidoscopes
The 3 Sense Series of kaleidoscopes - Sight- Smell and Hearing in one package. Built for collectors in Japan..... they are used in experiments for the aging and the terminal at Japan's "Study for Age Institute" Sundai, Japan.


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